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TED Hair Restoration

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TED hair restoration is a comfortable in-office experience with no needles, no incisions, and results in as little as two weeks. At Hair Restoration Clinic of Granite Bay, board-certified doctor Piyush Kumar, MD, and the experienced hair restoration providers offer TED hair restoration as part of their 360° approach to hair loss. Its innovative technology provides impressive results with no topical anesthetic or post-treatment shedding. To learn more, call the Granite Bay, California, office or book your appointment through online scheduling now.

What is TED hair restoration?

TED hair restoration is a treatment protocol created by Alma®, one of the foremost names in aesthetic medical technology. The TED hair restoration treatment is a completely noninvasive method of stimulating new hair growth in areas of sparse or thinning hair. 

How does TED hair restoration work?

The Hair Restoration Clinic of Granite Bay team cleans the treatment area (where your hair is thin) and applies a topical solution. The topical product contains ingredients that work together to improve hair follicle health and strength while nourishing and supporting your hair and scalp. 


The delivery method is the most unique part of the TED hair restoration process. While you can absorb a small amount of topical products on the scalp, very little of the product actually reaches the hair follicles in your dermis because the scalp acts like a shield unless you create a direct route beneath it.


That’s exactly what TED does. Patented technology called Impact Delivery pushes the topical products directly down to your hair follicles. The system combines acoustic sound waves and air pressure to essentially create temporary channels in your scalp.


TED hair restoration requires no incisions or needles and doesn’t cause trauma to your scalp or hair follicles. It’s a safe and pain-free method of stimulating hair growth.

When will I see results from TED hair restoration?

Many patients have noticeable results after only their first treatment. It’s common to notice less hair shedding — for example, less hair in your brush, on your pillow, and in the sink — after a couple of weeks. 


Most patients need a series of treatments to get ideal results. After two or three treatments, it’s common to see significant hair thickening. `

Am I a good candidate for TED hair restoration?

Hair Restoration Clinic of Granite Bay takes a 360° approach to hair loss. The team performs a comprehensive evaluation, determines the cause of your hair loss, and recommends the treatment options that best suit your needs. 


In general, you could be a good candidate for TED hair restoration if you have sparse, thinning, or weak hair and want to boost your hair’s health and appearance. 


Hair Restoration Clinic of Granite Bay offers better outcomes, the best prices, and follow-up appointments to ensure you’re happy with your results. Call the office or book your hair restoration consultation through online scheduling today.

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"Dr. Kumar and staff are awesome! Friendly and knowledgeable."

Kelly G.
"Such an awesome, friendly staff!! And Dr. Kumar is the best!!"

Susan B.
"Timely, Professional, Fun, and polite"

Shannon K.
"Hair loss can be devastating and extremely personal. Dr. Kumar is a great doctor that is caring, knowledgeable about the field, and wants to help you in whatever way he can."

Avni Suri
"I could not be happier with the result of my hair removal treatment today. I got exactly what I wanted, even better than I expected. Very friendly and professional staff and the doctor put me at ease immediately. Definitely will return."

Jeffrey E.
"Amazing experience while getting my hair transplant procedure. Dr. Kumar is an artist who is amazing at what he does. Everyone in the office is very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him."

Raju D.